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A record-breaking 4.3 million Americans quit their jobs in August. More than 100,000 workers threaten to strike as unions flex their muscles. During the COVID-19 meltdown, corporate executives pocketed millions in bonuses while their companies went bankrupt. California will ban gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Do individual consumer choices matter when combating climate change?

Lauren Windsor catches up with Greg Abbott and asks him to ban birth control and the morning after pill because it incentivizes being promiscuous. Trump blamed the January 6th insurrection on officials who ignored ‘intelligence’ on the Capitol attack planned during his administration. A Capitol rioter represented himself in court and ended up admitting to two additional felony charges. A Republican candidate for a Florida House seat made a point so stupid that she immediately debunked herself. The far-right ‘Freedom Festival’ unites ‘doomsday’ church, Steve Bannon, and the NRA.

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