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The Serbian Army was spotted patrolling near the border crossing of Jarinje with four armoured vehicles on Monday, as troops have been put on a heightened state of alert amid rising tensions with neighbouring Kosovo.
NATO troops also stepped up patrols near the two Kosovo-Serbia crossings.
The military deployment came after Belgrade accused Pristina of escalating tensions by sending special police units to the border. The police were sent after ethnic Kosovo Serbs temporarily blocked the Jarinje and Brnjak borders last week to protest a license plate entry ban.
Serbia has for years banned cars from crossing over using a ‘Republic of Kosovo’ licence plate, which implies its status as an independent nation. The Serbian government demands that drivers replace it with a temporary plate on arrival. As the government of Kosovo has implemented the tit-for-tat ban last week, police and armoured vehicles were sent to the border crossings to enforce the prohibition.

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