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Serbian Defence Minister Nebojsa Stefanovic visited Serbian soldiers on heightened alert at two military bases a few kilometres from the Kosovo-Serbia Jarinjie border near Rudnica on Sunday. Barricades continued at the border, as well as a protest over Pristina’s reciprocal ban on entry of vehicles with Serbian registration plates.
Roads remained blocked, as a kilometre-long queue of several dozen lorries allegedly belonging to ethnic Serbs was in place in the middle of the border road as various citizens in groups crossed the border on foot soon after.
Kosovan police vehicles as well as armed police were deployed to supervise the border.
Several Serbian army planes flew over Jarinje to assess the situation.
Serbia has for years banned cars from crossing over using a ‘Republic of Kosovo’ licence plate, which implies its status as an independent nation. Serbia demands that drivers replace it with a temporary plate on arrival.
As the Kosovar government has implemented the tit-for-tat ban on Sunday, police and armoured vehicles were sent to the border crossings to oversee the situation.

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