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Hundreds of protesters gathered in central Manila on Tuesday to protest against President Rodrigo Duterte and mark the 49th anniversary of the declaration of martial law made by former president Ferdinand Marcos.

Demonstrators could be seen holding anti-Duterte signs and others calling for human rights to be defended.

Cristina Palabay, the Secretary General of human rights NGO Karapatan, said that "We don’t want it to happen again that a facist leader would rule us like the Marcoses and Dutertes, and before the election, we should be persistent to remove the virus at Malacanang Palace who is Duterte."

Riot police were also nearby and attempted to block protesters from taking the demonstration out of the park.

Marcos imposed martial law on the country on September 21, 1972, which he justified by saying there was a threat of communist takeover. He then proceeded to rule under marital law until 1981, with his administration marked by severe human rights abuses and rampant corruption.
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