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Rep. Pramila Jayapal stands her ground on the reconciliation bill. The Chamber of Commerce warns moderate Democrats against voting for the reconciliation package. TikTokers are trading stocks by copying members of Congress. Senator Joe Manchin removes ethics provisions from the Democratic reform bill. Amazon’s AI cameras are punishing drivers for mistakes they didn’t make.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott sends miles of cars along the border to deter migrants. Tucker Carlson invokes the ‘Great Replacement’ theory regarding Haitian immigrants. A New York City restaurant brawl involving four Black women has Black Lives Matter concerned about COVID-19 vaccine discrimination. Remember those rallies of nurses that threatened to quit over vaccine mandates for healthcare workers – turns out they were largely bluffing, and the mandates are working. A Breitbart writer tries to pull some double-reverse psychology on idiot MAGA members to convince them to get vaccinated.

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