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SOT. Bank applicant (Dari): "I have been come to withdraw money from my account which we counted our fees in the AZIZI BANK, we suffer a lot of problems here it means that we could to receive our own rights, so I cannot imagine that what to demand from the current government, or what will be our demands regarding these problems, we even could not receive our rights, we demand from our government to make a process that every countryman or our brothers could use their own rights."

SOT, Abdul Saboor, Bank applicant (Dari): "The problems of the Afghan people are clear to you, to the international community that we have a lot of problems, from which problem I must start first, to add regarding the banks, we refer the banks and we withdraw just 20,000 Afghanis per week, and we could receive the 20,000 in very difficulties, we must wait for two days, one day we must come around 2 o’clock in the night and the other we must wait up to 12 o’clock to receive our money and buy food for my children."

SOT, Abdul Saboor, Bank applicant (Dari): "We demand from the Islamic Emirate government as soon as possible completely open Afghanistan including its branches until people could survive problems, which problems we must solve first, we must solve bank problems or to solve our home economic problems, we must solve work problems, what problems we must solve first."

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