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Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to the host of The Blaze’s “Fearless”, Jason Whitlock about how woke sports have caused him and other sports fans to completely lose interest in sports, why Roger Goodell’s decisions have caused NFL players to be hurt the most during the pandemic, and the racism he has endured from white liberals that the media ignores. Jason discusses how NFL ratings keep falling over the long run as more and more fans tire of the NFL social justice messaging that is being pushed down their throats. He shares how he has lost respect for most of the athletes who seem willing to do anything to appease their corporate overlords. He also discusses the hypocrisy of the vaccine mandates for fans, but not for players and how the NBA bubble failed to protect players.


Remember when the media actually did reporting? Or a world before hot takes on social media drove everyone into a frenzy before the facts came in? You don’t need to have taken a media literacy course in college to know that the coverage of most current events these days is lacking. Watch interviews with established media figures as well as rising independent media personalities to make sense of the constantly changing media landscape with this playlist:

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