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The new head of Iran’s nuclear agency Mohammad Eslami called for a stop to the US sanctions against the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) after attending the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)’s 65th General Conference in Vienna on Monday.

Negotiation talks about the JCPOA have been taking place in Vienna since April ,after the US pulled out of the agreement in 2018 and imposed sanctions on Iran. Meetings have been put on hold since June with a resumption expected soon.


SOT, Mohammad Eslami, Head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) (Farsi): “At the IAEA’s 65th General Conference, the important points we considered were that politicisation and discriminatory behaviour should be stopped, and according to the law and the statute of the agency (IAEA), access and development of nuclear technology should be facilitated for the Islamic Republic of Iran, because according to the law, the agency is committed to both encouraging and accelerating the development of nuclear energy and nuclear technology programmes in all countries. This was an important point for us to address.” *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE*

SOT, Mohammad Eslami, Head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) (Farsi): “The evils of the Zionist regime have never been condemned, neither the assassination of our nuclear scientists nor the terrorist movements it has carried out on the peaceful nuclear facilities of Iran. We emphasised them and rebuked dual behaviour and double standards, and called for attention to be the fact that Iran’s facilities and activities are largely peaceful and we called on for support.” *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE*

SOT, Mohammad Eslami, Head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) (Farsi): "JCPOA is an agreement signed between several countries and Iran. And they, especially the three European countries after the withdrawal of the United States, and even the United States during its presence, have not adhered to this agreement at all, have not fulfilled their obligations. And the period of maximum pressure has failed in their own opinion and in their own expression. And it is time for the United States to leave its permanent addiction to sanctions and say goodbye to it. And they must abide by the rights of nations, they must abide by international law. And as the esteemed President said that no issue can stop the peaceful nuclear program of Iran, Iran is also determined and it is the basic strategy of the Islamic Republic to carry out its nuclear program within the framework of the [IAEA] Safeguards Agreement. And the Islamic Republic of Iran has no hidden or unannounced nuclear program. Iran is a member of the NPT and believes in disarmament. In 1975, Iran was the founder of nuclear non-proliferation in the Middle East. Iran is still committed to it, even more so than before. It is the Zionist regime that is destabilising the region with its actions and is a major threat to the region with the development of nuclear weapons. We expect to see fair and honest behaviour in accordance with the law.” *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE*

SOT, Mohammad Eslami, Head of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran (AEOI) (Farsi): “Note that, as we stated in the Tehran statement, we asked the agency (IAEA) to abide by the law. We do not tolerate discrimination and political behaviours. Technically and professionally, they say it out loud everywhere. Right here, take a look at the logo of the organisation (UAEA). It is written that the atom is for peace and progress. It is not that they can deprive countries of access to advanced technology, with dual and political behaviour. Iran is a civilised country. Science and technology have always been transferred from Iran to other worlds throughout history, and it is the inalienable right of Iran and Iranians to benefit from advanced technologies, especially nuclear.” *NO CUTAWAY AT SOURCE*

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