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Activists staged a protest demanding that the Taliban authorities grant women education rights in Herat on Monday.
In an announcement made on Friday by the Taliban, high-school education was ordered to resume for boys only, sparking concerns of exclusion.
"They must not take away education rights from us, we are going to continue our protests and struggles until we receive our rights," said Fatima, a protester.
The worries come at a time when Afghanistan’s Women’s Affairs Ministry was replaced with the Ministry of Propagation of Islamic Virtue and the Prevention of Vice on Friday.
The religious ministry previously existed in Taliban controlled areas of Afghanistan during the 1990s and placed restrictions on women’s rights in the country.
Taliban forces seized control of Afghanistan on August 15 and initially promised inclusiveness and amnesty for general opponents.
The interim government announced on September 7 included no women, and Taliban figures that have been accused of attacking US forces for the last 20 years.


SOT, Nargis Jamshidi, Protester (Dari): "We have gathered to make the Islamic Emirate government take a decision regarding our education and qualifications as we are wasting time, they must take a positive step so we can continue with our destiny, to follow on our education, work and life." *LOOSE TRANSLATION AT SOURCE*

SOT, Fatima Aslami, Protester (Dari): "They must not take away education rights from us, we are going to continue our protests and struggles until we receive our rights, and we don’t want to be silent. As to the negative consequences, Islam says that the rights of woman and man are equal, we have the right to study, but why won’t they let us to continue our education? Why are they scared of women or what are the abilities of women that make them to scared? Never will a society and government be developed without the work of women. Instead we regress." *LOOSE TRANSLATION AT SOURCE*

SOT, Shaqayeq Haidari, Protester (Dari): "Since the Islamic Emirate took over the government, as we imagine to be the case from any perspective, no rights have given to girls." *LOOSE TRANSLATION AT SOURCE*

SOT, Shaqayeq Haidari, Protester (Dari): "Every day they introduce new deductive rules, one day they’ll eliminate girls’ rights to work. They don’t give us dress rights, one day they’ll introduce rules to observe the wearing of the Hijab, another they’ll order girls to stop going to school. One day they’ll say that girls must not join universities and another they’ll say that girls must not go into town." *LOOSE TRANSLATION AT SOURCE*

SOT, Farzana Sarwari, Protester (Dari): "Generally, all schools are open across Afghanistan but unfortunately there have been no news regarding the opening of girl’s schools. All girls have the right to be educated and they must not be denied education. For instance, the denial of education to girls means that we have buried a big part society." *LOOSE TRANSLATION AT SOURCE*

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