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European Parliament on Thursday adopted a report asking the European Union to review its withstanding relations with Russia.
"Pushback, Pushback against Kremlin aggressive policies of today both external and internal policies: clear recognition policy of external policy of occupation and annexations in Crimea, South Ossetia, Donbas; more effective type sanctions which should be better coordinated with trans-Atlantic partners including sanctions against oligarchs, the possibility of non-recognition of the legitimacy of elections if they will be stolen; effective implementation of Green Deal as an instrument to cut EU dependence to Russian gas and so on," urged EMP Andrius Kubilius who spoke ahead of the vote on the report in the Parliament in Strasbourg.
As many as 494 parliament members voted in favour of the report, 103 voted against it and 72 abstained from voting.
Despite its advisory nature, Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov called the report ‘regrettable’. The Chairman of the State Duma Committee on International Affairs Leonid Slutsky slammed the ‘anti-Russian hysteria’ of the European Parliament saying, "We see the clearest example of an attempt to interfere in the Russian electoral process by the largest inter-parliamentary organization… However, this resolution of the European Parliament, like all the others, is of a recommendatory nature."
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