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Larry Elder already has a website set up to claim Gavin Newsom stole the recall election from him. Ron DeSantis says he will fine local governments in Florida $5,000 for imposing vaccine mandates. Axios published an article claiming that Kyrsten Sinema has secret spreadsheets and is up all night worried about the debt.

Republicans love to promote violence and anger to their followers, but are not interested in attending the potentially dangerous rally in DC on September 18th. Marjorie Taylor Greene ripped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Tax The Rich’ Met Gala dress in a very MAGA way. Tucker Carlson read Nicki Minaj’s vaccine tweet about swollen testicles on air. Tucker also admitted that he sometimes lies on his show. Thousands of MAGA-loving young Republicans attended a youth summit put on by Dan Crenshaw this past weekend.

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