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Mandatory credit: Russian Defence Ministry

Russia’s Baltic sea fleet took part in counter sabotage drills during the joint Belarus-Russia ‘Zapad 2021’ strategic military exercises, as seen in footage released by the Russian Defence Ministry on Tuesday.

The marines of the Baltic and Northern fleets and combat submarine could be seen neutralising simulated sabotage forces.

About 50 servicemen and ten units of military equipment, as well as Ka-29 and Ka-27 helicopters, took part in Baltic sea fleet drills.

In addition, the Arctic expeditionary group of the personnel of the Northern Fleet conducted a set of tasks training to defend Russian territory in the Far North and the Arctic at a military training ground in the Murmansk region as part of the drills.

Also, the Forpost-R unmanned aerial vehicle took part in the Kaliningrad region drills for the first time on Saturday.

The ‘Zapad-2021’ military exercises are underway from September 10 to 16, at nine training grounds across both countries. The drills will see over 800 pieces of military equipment put through their paces, such as the Uran-9 and Nerekhta combat robots.

Around 200,000 individuals, including some 2,000 service members from member states of the Collective Security Treaty Organisation, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and other friendly nations, will participate in the exercises.

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