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A top U.S. military officer finally admits he was wrong about Afghanistan. Tensions flare in the House of Representatives as moderate Democrats continue to try and hold up President Biden’s budget plan. Wall Street wanted millions of Americans to be evicted, and they gave thousands of dollars to Democratic Leader Steny Hoyer. A startup is turning houses into corporations, and neighbors are fighting back. A Proud Boys leader has been sentenced to five months in prison on weapons and vandalism charges.

Dozens of doctors in Florida staged a walkout to protest the unvaccinated. Additionally, school districts in Florida are shutting down over COVID outbreaks. Republican leader dies of COVID after posting anti-vax conspiracies from his ICU bed. Alex Jones attacks Trump for promoting vaccines: "Maybe Trump’s actually a Dumba**." Former Republican candidate Kimberley Klacik has brought a $20 million lawsuit against Candace Owens for defamation about her days as a stripper.

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