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An unvaccinated mother of four died on Friday after a battle with COVID-19.

Samantha Willis, 35, contracted the virus while she was pregnant, giving birth to her baby, Eviegrace, and then passing from COVID-19.

She died at Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry, Northern Ireland, and her funeral was held at St. Columb’s Church, Londonderry, two weeks after giving birth.

At her funeral, her newborn baby, Eviegrace, followed her coffin in the procession alongside her close friends and family.

Willis never got to hold her newborn or even meet her because of the debilitating disease that has killed over 4.4 million people around the globe.

At the funeral, Joe Clifford, who ran the service, also baptized the newborn baby, saying it was the first time he had ever conducted both a funeral and baptism simultaneously. During the service, according to the Belfast Telegraph, he said it “speaks about death and life all interwoven.”

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