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Biden will face pressure from the G7 to extend his Afghanistan withdrawal deadline. Liz Cheney says politicians have to explain why a never ending presence in Afghanistan is necessary. FDA grants full approval to Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine. They would also like you to not attempt to treat Covid-19 with horse dewormer. Donald Trump was booed at his rally in Alabama after he told his supporters to get vaccinated. Right-Wing Democrats are beginning to cave as progressives hold their ground on the upcoming reconciliation bill vote.
Gunshots were fired as protestors clashed in Portland. A conservative Senate candidate from Ohio sparked social media backlash when he tweeted out a photo celebrating a "sick" server who came to work and was not wearing a mask. Conservative Twitter called out Nancy Pelosi over a viral video where most of the people attending an outdoor fundraising event in Napa Valley were not wearing masks. A high school is being accused of censorship because officials ripped out yearbook pages about the news.unconscious and then lied about it.

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