Frequently Asked Questions

  • What web hosting company should I use to host the mediaautoresponder?
  1. HostGator (*coupon included)
  2. TMDHosting
  • What What kind of web hosting should I use for the mediaautoresponder?
Shared hosting is enough for the mediaautoresponder however as your email list grows into thousands, or millions of subscribers you might want to consider upgrading too a VPS plan or dedicated server plan
  • I cannot install the Media Autoresponder Software?

If you're having trouble installing the media autoresponder please consider our professional installation feature as we do not provide any further help in this area click here Pro Install

  • What If I can't get the MediaAutoResponder to work?

If you or if the staff can't get the mediaautoresponder to work you will recieve a refund within 60 days of purchase.

  • I've seen the Media Autoresponder being sold for $1 on some websites and I can download it for free at others. Why is it that is charging so much for their version of the software?

Most vendors are selling the alpha and beta version of the MediaAutoResponder, if you buy from them there's a good chance that (a.) their version of the MediaAutoResponder does not work correctly and/or (b.) They do not or will not provide any support if their version of the MediaAutoResponder needs to be installed or updated.

The initial release of the MediaAutoResponder was not properly tested and was also sold to Vendors with Private Label rights. If you want an updated working version of the Media AutoResponder purchase it from

  • I Purchased the Media AutoResponder from a different vendor can the staff help me Install It?

No! We only install the version of the Media AutoResponder.

  • Do you honor refunds?
  • First off we don't want to see any of our customers go under any circumstance. However if you're not happy with our product and service in 60 days we'll give you hassle free full refund. All you need to do is contact clickbank with your recite and they'll handle the rest.

  • Is the Media Autoresponder Encrypted?
  • Yes our version of the media autoresponder is encrypted

  • Can you sell me the version that is not Encrypted?
  • No. we only sell the encrypted version of the media autoresponder

  • What happened to the free installation service?
  • Because of easy to follow tutorial and our 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee as of October 14, 2013 we no longer offer free installation! You can get an installation by going to the Pro Install page

If your question is still unanswered please use our contact form


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