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Freie Wahler head Hubert Aiwanger admitted to a ‘mishap’ after he published alleged election projections, in breach of German election laws, on Twitter on Sunday, while the polls in remained open in Germany’s federal election.
Speaking at a press conference in Munich on Monday, Aiwanger said that the issue of the tweet, which was deleted within minutes, was under discussion with Germany’s top election official, and stressed that "it was not the intention to break any laws."
He also reflected on the election results of his party, which wants to abolish the mask requirement in schools and campaign for renewable energies, and speaks of a ‘dream result’ on reaching 7.5 percent in Bavaria.
As a result of the events on Sunday, Aiwanger was criticised by various parties. Bavarian Minister-President Markus Soder called it "a unique incident in the history of the federal republic." The publication of polls and projections during election day is prohibited, according to the federal election law. Aiwanger could face a fine of up to €50,000 ($58,514).

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "We will clarify this with the Federal Returning Officer and everything else is said, it was a mishap, it was not the intention to break any laws."

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for the great interest, one day after this blink of an eye election, as it has already been called by some, where the tension was high until the end, who has the most votes, Union or SPD. In still the Free Voters managed to make themselves heard and to get a lot of votes, to convince people that they had the right choice. The numbers are well known and with 7.5 percent in Bavaria, we have achieved a historic dream result for a federal election, which was previously desired results in a state election."

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "I think it was even more harmonious than the cooperation between black and red at the federal level, which, as is well known, are also part of a coalition. So that you don’t enter an election campaign arm in arm, but rather highlight your issues, make a name for yourself, put yourself in the limelight, play your issues, that’s part of the business here. The CSU knows that as well as we know it."

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "And so I believe that nothing stands in the way of proper cooperation on the part of the free voters. We have a lot of tasks to do, as free voters, we urge that now in October, as agreed, if the numbers do not decrease, and they haven’t. Get the mask out of schools, we want to make progress with renewable energies, keyword is also wind energy. We have many issues that now have to be readjusted, which may have been left behind during the election campaign."

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "Yes, it is already significant that I have to justify myself to both the AfD and the CSU, maybe election analyses will show that we also took votes from the SPD and got non-voters to the ballot box. I am already wondering about the democratic attitude when, as a party standing democratically, one has to justify taking away votes from other parties. Again, if we had not run, it would not have been enough for the Union. So I’m neither the Union’s poster team, nor will they expect me to send them donations so that the next time they will be even better. You weren’t even able to cast a valid vote with your top candidate, I’m not responsible for that. I am responsible for my voters and for my content and I regret that these parties that are attacking me now have promoted these reasonable contents of the Freie Wahler better, so I’m returning the ball to the CSU."

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "We are also much stronger, also in our perception, than we were before this election. If the alternative for us would have been not to run, then there is no need to think for a second that it was the right thing to run in this election. And it doesn’t all happen overnight, Rome wasn’t built in a day either. We will move into the Bundestag, if not this time, then the next time."

SOT, Hubert Aiwanger, Freie Wahler Party head (German): "It was a decent result, it could have been a lot worse. We don’t need to be ashamed of the 2.4 percent."

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