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AfD leader Jorg Meuthen and the party chancellor candidate Alice Weidel disagreed over whether the election results were good or bad for the right-wing populists, speaking at the post-election press conference in Berlin on Monday.

"The bottom line is that this will not be a success," said Meuthen, who voiced "considerable losses of votes" for his party.

Meuthen said that the only party to cede voters to the AfD was the Left Party.

Candidate Alice Weidel, said after Meuthen, "I won’t let anyone badmouth the results for me," adding that the AfD "has established itself."

When asked what she appreciates about Meuthen, Weidel called the party leader a ‘Charakterkopf’ – a German term that means that a person has striking features, but is also used to denote a ‘dead opponent’ within a party.

Representatives of The Left (Die Linke), Alternative for Germany (AfD) and The Greens (Bundnis 90/ Die Grunen) delivered statements in the federal press conference centre a day after the federal election.

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