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Biden’s DHS chief is ‘horrified’ by images of the U.S. Border Patrol confronting migrants. Meanwhile, Rep. Jim Jordan doesn’t think we’re being brutal enough to Haitian migrants. A Texas doctor who violated the state’s abortion ban is sued, launching a test of the law’s constitutionality. Amazon’s AI cameras are punishing drivers for mistakes they didn’t make. Tulsi Gabbard defends the use of drone strikes following the strike that killed 10 civilians, including an aid worker and 7 children, in Kabul.

Iraq War veteran Mike Prysner confronts former President George W. Bush. Larry Kudlow says, “I kind of yearn for the calm, peaceful, orderly… days of Donald Trump.” Tucker Carlson bizarrely claims that the military’s vaccine mandate is a plot to root out “men with high testosterone.” A Breitbart writer tries to pull some double reverse psychology on idiot MAGAs to convince them to get vaccinated. Marjorie Taylor Greene releases a stunningly awful ad.

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